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Discover New Music Opportunities: VuHaus Group Update

December 9, 2021

4 p.m. ET, 3 p.m. CT, 1 p.m. MT, 12 noon PT

It’s been six years since VuHaus Group was launched as an independent non-profit dedicated to connecting public media’s music discovery stations with artists and audiences across the country.

Public Media Company and five leading public media organizations launched VuHaus Group in 2015 with a commitment to create meaningful distribution and revenue opportunities for music stations. The 20 current affiliates of VuHaus include joint licensees, stand-alone music stations, and NPR news and information services with digital-only music streams.

Station Managers and their Program Directors are invited to join leaders from VuHaus Group and its member stations to learn about how VuHaus Group is helping chart a new course for music stations in their communities via potential programming collaborations, new revenue opportunities, and growing impact beyond a station's listening area.

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Recent Webinars

Station Compensation Webinar: Insights & Guidance for Public Media Leaders

October 27, 2021

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Public Media Company hosted a webinar with compensation expert David Lough.  Lough analyzed executive compensation at nearly 100 public media stations, completed in partnership with Public Media Company. Classical KING FM’s CEO Brenda Barnes and Board Member Susan Harmon explained how KING is using the analysis and other insights to better understand and update the station’s overall compensation structures.

Webinar viewers will gain insight into how public media compensation is structured; variations by station revenue size/location; and differences between grantee types. They’ll also build awareness of the important role that clear compensation policies and practices play for nonprofit organizations and an understanding of how to get more compensation clarity at your station.

Recent Webinars

Does your community know that you exist? Grow station audience and revenue via increased awareness 

May 19, 2021

Public media stations can increase revenue and impact with greater reach in their community. It starts with measuring how well the community knows your station (you’ll be surprised) and conducting a marketing campaign to "introduce" your station to new audience members.

Public Media Company Managing Director Alison Scholly hosted marketing leaders from WMUK in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Colorado Public Radio to learn about the 2020 awareness campaigns they ran and the results.

WMUK's Development Director Kim Willis will recount WMUK's digital campaign, and
Colorado Public Radio's SVP Audience & Platforms Jodi Gersh will discuss the 2020 cross-media campaign deployed by Colorado Public Radio.

This webinar covers how to find a local agency partner; what research to deploy before proceeding; and how a campaign might be structured and measured.

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Opportunities to Apply for New FCC Stations:
A Guide for the Curious Public Radio Leader
March 11, 2021

The FCC plans to host not one, but two opportunities to secure a broadcast license in your community in 2021. It has already scheduled an auction for open allotments and expired construction permits, and plans to announce later this year the first FM noncommercial filing window in over a decade. Public Media Company’s Evran Kavlak and FCC Attorney Melodie Virtue of Foster Garvey, both active in previous FCC license auctions and NCE filing windows, took webinar attendees through the steps necessary to determine if participating in these upcoming opportunities for your station and best practices of how to pursue this exploration.

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Consolidating to Expand Services:
A deep dive into the Northern California Collaboration
December 10, 2020

In advance of the new year, Public Media Company is launching a “strategy series” – which will focus on areas of growth, challenges and solutions for public media stations. The session kicked off with Public Media Company CEO Erin Moran, Capital Public Radio EVP/General Manager Jun Reina and North State Public Radio GM Phil Wilke discussing the structure behind the “back office collaboration” between Capital Public Radio in Sacramento and North State Public Radio in Chico, California.
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Public Media Company WebinarsUniversity Station Leaders:
Planning for an Uncertain Future
June 10, 2020

COVID-19 is fundamentally reshaping university instruction and having a ripple effect on the stations licensed to these institutions. This webinar reviewed current trends Public Media Company is seeing and highlighted best practices on how to prepare and react to change at your university. This webinar was produced in partnership with The University Station Alliance.

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Public Media Company WebinarsVisualizing Data: Understanding & Telling Stories with Data
May 29, 2020

Public Media Company Director Steve Holmes co-hosted this PMBA webinar with Current's Managing Editor Karen Everhart, as part of the 2020 PMBA Virtual Annual Conference.

Why: Highlight value of using visuals to communicate and interpret data
How: Understand some of the key steps to develop data visualizations
What: Create a real-world example for future publication in Current

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Public Media Company WebinarsContingency Planning for Public Media
May 6, 2020

Evolving crises require public media leaders to prepare for the inevitable shocks ahead. This webinar will review the steps that station managers can take now to ensure that they understand what challenges may be on the horizon and be ready if and when they occur.

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Public Media Company WebinarsManaging Nonprofit Finances in a Crisis
April 29, 2020

The challenges of Covid-19 are made even harder when combined with an uncertain financial outlook. This webinar focuses on the key financial management areas that station leaders need to address now to help secure their fiscal futures.

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Public Media Company WebinarsFinancial Oversight for General Managers
November 5, 2019

Most public media leaders do not have a finance background and have not been trained on financial management, but they are charged with overseeing the health of a critical local media organization in flush times….and not so flush times. How do you make sure that your station is operating on strong financial footing regardless of the economic climate? What are the key numbers and ratios that you need to know and monitor? Get an overview during our webinar series on best practice financial management for station general managers.

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We host regular webinars of interest to public media leaders, check back here to learn about the next scheduled sessions. If you have a relevant topic that would make for a great webinar, email us!