Public Media Company has worked with more than 300 public radio and television stations, involving more than 100 transactions between public broadcasters. This experience coupled with a comprehensive sales database provides the information necessary to assess the value of a public broadcasting license.

Public radio and television licenses have both a market value and an intrinsic value, which includes all aspects of their public broadcasting operations.

Knowing the market value of a public broadcasting license is important for several reasons:

  1. Financial Leverage: A license is considered an intangible asset. Public broadcasting stations could leverage the market value of their license in financing their projects and attracting philanthropic support;
  2. Acquisitions/Sales: In contemplating the acquisition of a new radio or television station, or selling an existing station to free up cash to invest in operations or new initiatives, it is important to know the market value of the licenses;
  3. Partnerships/Spectrum Sharing: For stations that plan to share channels or enter into partnership agreements that involve the use of spectrum or licenses, market valuation forms the basis for the negotiations;
  4. We use an engineering software application to analyze coverage areas and a comprehensive sales database to determine the fair market value of broadcast licenses.

The intrinsic value or “Public Service Value” of a station incorporates the market value of the license and, more importantly, any other tangible and intangible value-creating factors associated with the station’s public service. More specifically, Public Service Value takes into account the following factors:

  1. Revenues raised through individual donors, major givers, businesses and nonprofit organizations;
  2. Promotional underwriting spots provided to the licensee (educational institution or state) and other related nonprofit organizations;
  3. Student training opportunities;
  4. Volunteer time;
  5. Economic value through the employment of staff;
  6. Opportunities to grow station budget via ongoing and planned revenue-generating initiatives.

Stations may use Public Service Valuations for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, (1) a true assessment of the value that they create for their licensees, (2) philanthropic outreach, (3) marketing, and (4) public relations.

Public Media Company offers its clients both market valuations and public service valuations.

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Spotlight on Financing

“The loan program has been extremely helpful for Radio Bilingüe to maintain its stability these past three years. I want to thank Public Media Company’s Public Radio Fund for the opportunity and service it provided to Radio Bilingüe. It truly helped us to maintain our national news and information services — like Línea Abierta and Noticiero Latino — and to take further risks in reaching new Latino audiences in the Southwest.”

– Hugo Morales, Founder and Executive Director, Radio Bilingüe describing the loan the Public Media Company helped Radio Bilingüe secure.