Selling a Station or Tower

Public Media Company represents institutions interested in selling their public radio or television stations to another public broadcaster. We also assist public broadcasters interested in selling their towers, and if necessary, negotiating a sale-leaseback provision.

If you are interested in selling your station or tower while maintaining its public service to your community, we can help to find the optimal solution for your organization and for the community you serve. Our comprehensive representation services include assessing the fair market value of the assets, connecting you with potential buyers, helping to evaluate buyer profiles, negotiating the terms of the sale, coordinating the due diligence process, designing the communications strategy, and working alongside the respective attorneys to a successful closing.

If you are interested in finding alternatives to selling your station, Public Media Company also works with organizations to strengthen their financial health through innovative operational and format changes, entering into an operating agreement with another public broadcaster, and finding creative financing solutions.

“Public Media Company helped our university get $5 million for our noncommercial radio station and to select a new nonprofit owner dedicated to public service. We could not have achieved such a win-win result without Public Media Company.”

FRED PUDDESTER, Senior Associate Dean, John Hopkins University/WJHU Radio

To learn more about Public Media Company’s work in helping sell a station or tower, please email Erin Moran at