Public Media Company is the nation’s leading advisor in helping public broadcasters identify and secure financing options for public media service and capital expansion.

If your organization needs to borrow capital – whether to acquire a station, construct a new building, purchase equipment, or fund a line of credit, we can help. Before approaching financing sources, Public Media Company helps determine your capital needs, creates financial projections, and assesses your organization’s capacity to service various levels of debt. Public Media Company has close working relationships with many of the nation’s leading financial institutions, and we have educated these firms on the value of public media investments. After working with a public broadcaster to determine the optimal financing structure, Public Media Company seeks out affordable financing solutions from a variety of sources: tax-exempt bonds, conventional loans, foundation PRI’s, donor loans and grants, and seller financing.

Why work with Public Media Company to secure financing?

Public Media Company has a long history of representing public broadcasting organizations, and our deep knowledge about the public media industry enables us to clearly articulate the credit quality of a particular opportunity to the financial institutions. Public Media Company helps lending sources understand the revenue sources and unique nature of the public broadcasting revenue model.

Public Media Company also has extensive experience structuring privately-placed and letter of credit-backed tax-exempt bond financings. We pioneered the innovative use of tax-exempt bond financing – a staple for hospitals and large colleges and universities – for the public radio industry. Since 2001, Public Media Company has successfully completed 24 public media financings worth over $83 million.

Public Media Company Services

To learn more about Public Media Company’s work in securing capital— please feel free to download an information sheet on our services; contact us at 720-304-7274 or

Spotlight on Financing

“The loan program has been extremely helpful for Radio Bilingüe to maintain its stability these past three years. I want to thank Public Media Company’s Public Radio Fund for the opportunity and service it provided to Radio Bilingüe. It truly helped us to maintain our national news and information services — like Línea Abierta and Noticiero Latino — and to take further risks in reaching new Latino audiences in the Southwest.”

– Hugo Morales, Founder and Executive Director, Radio Bilingüe describing the loan the Public Media Company helped Radio Bilingüe secure.