Public Media Company has begun hosting a series of informational webinars for public media General Managers and station leaders to help them stay on top of our ever-evolving media landscape. Contact us if you have ideas about future topics. 

Recent Webinars

Contingency Planning for Public Media
Wednesday, May 6

Evolving crises require public media leaders to prepare for the inevitable shocks ahead. This webinar will review the steps that station managers can take now to ensure that they understand what challenges may be on the horizon and be ready if and when they occur.

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Managing Nonprofit Finances in a Crisis
Wednesday, April 29

The challenges of Covid-19 are made even harder when combined with an uncertain financial outlook. This webinar focuses on the key financial management areas that station leaders need to address now to help secure their fiscal futures.

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Financial Oversight for General Managers
November 5, 2019

Most public media leaders do not have a finance background and have not been trained on financial management, but they are charged with overseeing the health of a critical local media organization in flush times….and not so flush times. How do you make sure that your station is operating on strong financial footing regardless of the economic climate? What are the key numbers and ratios that you need to know and monitor? Get an overview during our webinar series on best practice financial management for station general managers.

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