Public Television Financing Program

Public Media Company has established a $20 million loan fund from a combination of nonprofit and traditional bank lenders to assist public television stations with equipment financing needs through an affordable loan program.

Public Media Company is a nonprofit organization with extensive experience in public media financing. Our understanding of public media business models, as well as our track record of securing over $80 million in loans for public broadcasters over the past 15 years enables us to design creative financing solutions for capital investment needs.

Eligible uses include:

  • Repack and transmission system costs not covered by the FCC
  • ATSC 3.0 Conversion
  • Other Equipment Needs
  • All current and prospective licensees of a noncommercial, educational television station operating under a renewable television license granted by the Federal Communications Commission are eligible to apply for the Loan Program. To learn more about the eligible uses, the application process, or the terms, please read our detailed info sheet.

To apply, please download our application form here.

Repack Information

Cost Reimbursement Calculator: A cost reimbursement calculator for public TV stations who are repacking (DropBox link)

Public Media Company Report: When Is 90% Not Really 90%?

Post-Incentive Auction Transition Public Notice

Post-Incentive Auction Transition Scheduling Plan

The Public Radio Fund

The Public Radio Fund, established in 2007, utilized investment funds from Calvert Social Investment Foundation, Ford Foundation, Hull Family Foundation, Nonprofit Finance Fund, NPR, Inc., Woodcock Foundation, ImpactAssets, and other individual investors to lend $9,088,000 to 11 different public media organizations.

Loans from the Fund have ranged from $105,000 to $2.5 million, and have aided organizations in a variety of ways including: acquiring a new station, smoothing out cash flows, purchasing a new building, and completing a studio. When actively lending in 2011 and 2012, the Fund was recognized as one of the top 50 impact investment funds by ImpactAssets.

For more information, please contact Evran Kavlak at