Public Media Company President Erik Langner (Credit: Nate Gowdy)
Public Media Company President Erik Langner (Credit: Nate Gowdy)

Boulder, CO. (December 18, 2018) –  Public Media Company is pleased to announce that Erik Langner has been promoted to President, Public Media Company. This increased responsibility acknowledges the key role that Langner has played in helping Public Media Company expand its goal of making public media more vibrant, indispensable, and accessible to all.

With this move, Langner will take on responsibility for managing Public Media Company on a day-to-day basis. This allows Public Media Company CEO and co-Founder Marc Hand to focus on the Public Media Venture Group, a consortium of leading public television stations that have joined together to develop business and service opportunities associated with the new digital television standard ATSC 3.0, also known as Next Gen TV.

“The Public Media Company board is gratified that we have strong leadership at a critical juncture for our nonprofit organization,” said Teresa Bryce Bazemore, Board Chair of Public Media Company. “Erik has played such a transformational role in the overall health of public media, and his vision and experience benefits Public Media Company and the system as a whole tremendously.”

Public Media Company’s core consulting services include rigorous business analysis and advising on strategic growth opportunities. Founded in 2001 by 50 public radio general managers, Public Media Company (formerly Public Radio Capital) uses its extensive understanding of successful nonprofit media models to help station leaders and boards position their media outlets for expansion. As a result, Public Media Company has facilitated transactions that have brought access to public media to over 80 million people, or 1-in-4 Americans. With the decline of local newspapers and television as a key information source in towns across the U.S., the demand for Public Media Company’s work has increased as more civic leaders see the wisdom of building on public media’s strength in their communities to replace what has been lost.

In the newly created role of President, Langner will focus on expanding Public Media Company’s impact on behalf of its clients, as well as seeking out philanthropic supporters who understand the catalyzing effect that Public Media Company has on the sustainability of the public media system.

“I’m thrilled to take on this leadership role at Public Media Company at a pivotal time for public media,” said Langner. “Local stations are playing an ever-greater role in informing and connecting our communities, and we’re seeing an accelerated interest in the depth and range of work that we do to strengthen locally owned public media organizations across the country.”

Langner joined Public Media Company in 2005 to help public broadcasters expand their impact through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships that increase capacity and introduce new programming and services to their communities. He has played a critical role in helping preserve and grow public radio and television during this time, leading more than 75 projects for stations around the country. Most notably, Langner played a key role in saving the only local source of NPR news and information in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Mobile, AL, and Fayetteville, NC. He also helped to secure and launch new Music Discovery stations in Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, and Denver, as well as new Classical stations in Boston, San Francisco, Tampa, Denver, and Columbus. More recently, Langner co-founded and now manages VuHaus, public media’s first music network, and played the key facilitation role in the recent merger between program distributors PRX and PRI, the largest merger in public media to date.

Prior to joining Public Media Company, Langner served as a corporate attorney at the law firms of Latham & Watkins in San Francisco and Kirkland & Ellis in New York City, and also worked at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva. Langner graduated cum laude from the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and received his B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Whatever Erik is working on, he’s always diplomatic and creative and brings a wealth of passion and insight to projects,” said Marc Hand. “I have no doubt that Public Media Company’s impact will continue to grow with Erik in this new role.”


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