Public Media Company is a vanguard organization, leading the dialogue on change for public media. Our work guides strategic thinking, collaboration, content innovation and operational efficiencies for public media providers across the country. With our partners and clients, we are providing new insights into effective public media operations, driving digital proficiency and expanding the invaluable content that makes public media so critical.

Since 2001, Public Media Company has been nurturing public media so that communities nationwide have the benefit of strong, independent, local media voices. Public Media Company has partnered with more than 300 public media outlets to preserve, expand and strengthen services. From the perspectives of rigorous analysis, finance, and a deep understanding of how public media works, Public Media Company specializes in

  • Driving sustainable business practices
  • Advising on mergers, acquisitions and partnerships to improve local service
  • Building new and innovative content collaborations to guide public media to its digital future
Public Media Company 2014-15 Annual Report
Public Media Company 2014-15 Annual Report

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