Public Media Venture Group

The Public Media Venture Group (PMVG) is a coalition of 31 public media television licensees representing 100 stations that reach 210 million Americans. Public Media Venture Group stations are committed to working together and investing collaboratively in “Next Generation TV” for the benefit of the American people.

Public Media Company helps Public Media Venture Group stations plan an effective conversion to Next Generation TV (aka ATSC 3.0), build and develop new Next Generation operating models to expand local public service, and increase and diversify station revenue to support this expanded service. For stations in the Public Media Venture Group, click here. (Password required)

Public Media Company works with Public Media Venture Group stations to explore revenue-generating joint ventures and partnerships, which will fund new streams of content and drive new public service capabilities. These collaborative efforts focus on expanded educational services, emergency communications, increased program streams, local content, and interactive television. Public Media Company also helps Public Media Venture Group stations coordinate activities with other commercial and public companies engaged in Next Generation TV. Areas of potential collaboration with commercial groups include the establishment of single frequency network facilities and maintenance of ATSC 1.0 service.

Public Media Venture Group stations cover urban and rural areas and include some state networks and stations connected to major educational institutions. The group is supported by some of the foremost experts in broadcast engineering, organizational management, and financial planning. The Public Media Venture Group seeks out partners and investors that can leverage the unique assets that public television will bring to Next Generation TV, such as its national footprint, community service focus, and its member-supported programming model.

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