The CEO and co-founder of the Public Media Company discusses WKAR’s inaugural 3.0 rollout for public TV and Next-Gen TV’s broader impact

WESTMORE, Vt. — WKAR, Michigan State University’s public television station, was granted an experimental license from the FCC to begin ATSC 3.0 transmission.

The station will join a small, but growing number of TV broadcasters around the country that are on-air with Next Gen TV service.

Given its proximity to Detroit and the research muscle available in various departments on campus, WKAR will give the broadcast industry the opportunity to examine how broadcasting data via 3.0 — not over 5G wireless circuits — may play into the future of vehicles, autonomous or not.

Beyond transportation, the station has other investigations to do, such as looking at how 3.0 can be used to better educate children.

However, the most important thing WKAR could do by beginning 3.0 operations is simply to serve as a lighthouse to other public TV broadcasters, pointing the safest routes to new service opportunities and warning against the hidden hazards just below the surface that could bring calamity to a Next Gen TV rollout.


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