Channel X

Channel X is cloud-based content exchange for public television and radio stations, where producers can upload multimedia programs for stations to discover, license, and share with their audiences.

Public media programmers can diversify core program offerings with Channel X’s news, film, audio reporting, and music performances by downloading individual files or subscribing to content providers. Channel X is built on a custom content management system that supports the delivery of broadcast-quality audio and video files, as well as images, text, data, and close caption files.

With the generous support of the Wyncote Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Knight Foundation, Channel X makes it possible for public broadcasting to discover new, non-traditional and inspiring storytelling and reporting from across the U.S.

“Channel X helps us see who’s interested in our content and what content resonated with our stations. It helps guide some decisions on how to approach similar stories.”

DENISE YOUNG, Executive Editor of Collaborative Journalism, WXXI Rochester

“This is something that commercial stations figured out years and years ago.”

KATIE CAMPBELL, EarthFix Video Managing Editor/Producer, KCTS 9 Seattle

To learn more, visit and please download a Channel X flyer. Individual station memberships are free for the first 30-days; to learn more about Channel X memberships, visit