We help public media organizations execute strategies to increase local service and to drive innovative and sustainable growth.  Having advised over 300 organizations, our nonprofit consultancy works with you every step of the way.  Need a strategic assessment or capital for a new building?  Buying a station?  Partnering with another organization?  Launching a new format? We can help.

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We design and lead national projects that enable public media organizations to work more closely with each other to achieve greater impact and deliver additional services to their listeners, their viewers, their communities. With ongoing national projects like Station Sourcing Group and Channel X, we strive to bring real innovation and scale to public media.

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We have had clients from all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and structured transactions valued at $381 million; our work has secured public media access for more than 80 million people – one in four Americans; we have preserved NPR and PBS services that would have been otherwise lost; and we have built new multimedia, digital platforms to help our partners serve the next generation of audiences.

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