Public Media Company is the nation’s leading firm in assessing and securing station opportunities on behalf of the public broadcasting system. Since our founding, we have assisted organizations in preserving and expanding public media access to more than 72 million Americans in markets across the country. Having structured more than $320 million in acquisitions and financings, PMC has a deep understanding of the how to assist organizations in planning for and executing strategies to achieve sustainable growth and increasing public media services to their communities. Explore our list of clients and projects.

Buy A Station

PMC represents public media organizations in acquiring stations – everything from assessing station value, preparing comprehensive financial projections, conducting due diligence, negotiating with the seller, preparing purchasing documentation, and securing financing for expansion. We help public media organizations grow their audiences through acquisitions, Public Service Operating Agreements, partnerships and mergers, as well as anticipating the impact of format changes and the operation of new media channels.

Sell A Station

Public Media Company represents public media organizations in selling their stations to public media or community broadcaster buyers.

To find the optimal solution for your organization and the community served by the station, we offer comprehensive brokerage services – everything from connecting you with potential public media buyers; helping to evaluate buyer profiles; negotiating the terms of the sale; designing the communications strategy; and closing the sale.

If you are interested in finding alternatives to selling your station, PMC also works with organizations to strengthen their financial health through innovative operational and format changes, entering into an operating agreement with other public broadcasters , and creative refinancing solutions.


Public Media Company works directly with public media organizations and their board members and licensees to identify and secure financing options for public media service and capital expansion.

Before approaching financing sources, PMC can work with your organization and board or licensee to determine your capital needs, create financial projections, and assess your capacity to service various levels of debt. We have close working relationships with many of the nation’s leading financial institutions, educating them on the value of public media investments. After working with the public broadcaster to determine the optimal financing structure, we then seek out affordable financing solutions from a variety of sources: tax-exempt bonds, conventional loans, foundational support, donor loans and grants, and seller financing.