Public media organizations are currently facing a series of challenges: Federal, state, and institutional subsidies are coming under increasing and sustained pressure; audiences tastes continue to shift, craving high quality content across all available media platforms; and the costs to produce high quality local content, and to distribute it across these platforms is becoming increasingly expensive.  To be able to meet these challenges, a public media organization must have sufficient scale to remain sustainable and locally relevant.

For many organizations, continuing to operate as a silo is no longer a viable option.  Increasingly, organizations must seek out collaborative partnerships with other public broadcasters to achieve efficiencies and the scale to deliver the public service programming that our audiences demand.  PMC has an established record of working with organizations to plan for and execute a range of collaborative partnerships that:

  • Attract more listeners,
  • Reduce dependence on subsidies,
  • Diversify distribution channels, and
  • Introduce new programming to better serve their community.

To achieve these goals, PMC:

Spurring growth and innovation: The Revolving Public Media Fund (RPMF)

New York based nonprofit FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds created a $195,000 fund at PMC to spur growth and innovation in public broadcasting through collaborations. The Revolving Public Media Fund (RPMF) helps public media organizations by subsidizing a significant portion of PMC’s consulting and strategic planning services. More than 13 projects have been supported by the RPMF in the past 3 years.