Tripling of Programming Options in Alaska




White Oak Broadcasting of Alaska, Inc.


Consulting, Business Modeling, Brokerage, Acquisition


KTOO of Juneau, Alaska acquired two additional FM channels to provide new program options for its growing audience and expand services to 30,000 people.

In 2005 with listener requests far exceeding their 24-hour capacity, KTOO of Juneau, Alaska decided they needed to expand services. KTOO was broadcasting NPR’s Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation among other public radio programs, and had innovative ideas about introducing additional programs to better serve their growing audience.  After participating in PMC’s More Channels, More Service project (MCMS), a multi- month consultation to prepare stations for expansion of services, KTOO was ready. When two commercial channels came onto the market in 2006, PMC helped KTOO negotiate the acquisition of both channels. As a result of this expansion, program choices tripled resulting in a marked increase in listeners, who can now choose among: a 24 hour local, national and international news and information channel; a folk, jazz, classical, and world music channel; or a contemporary, hip-hop, and rock channel.