Partnership for Funding Sustainable Public Media Growth – Revolving Public Media Fund


Project partner - FJC New York based nonprofit


Recipients: 12 public radio and television projects have been funded, including work with Kentucky Public Radio Network and New Hampshire Public Radio. Other confidential projects are underway.


Partnership, Business Modeling, Station Valuations, Strategic Assessment Funding


New York based nonprofit FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds established a $195,000 fund at PMC to spur growth and innovation in public broadcasting. Public media organizations can apply for grant funding that will underwrite a portion of PMC’s in-depth strategic planning consultancies aimed at growth strategies. The RPMF is intended to spur innovation in public broadcasting, and to aid public broadcasters in improving and expanding their services and revenue base. A portion of PMC fees generated from projects seeded by the RPMF are being reinvested to perpetuate the RPMF.