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33 Stations Plan for Service Expansion – More Channels, More Service Project


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Corporation for Public Broadcasting (Funding for Round One)


Consulting, Business Modeling, Brokerage


The “More Channels, More Service” project (2002-2007) provided multiple months of comprehensive business planning to public radio stations interested in expanding their services through mergers or acquisitions. PMC worked with station managers and their board members/licensees to help them plan for sustainable long-term growth. PMC offered three rounds of the MCMS project, accepting no more than 12 stations per round to allow for personalized service. Below are samples of a few service expansions that followed this program:

  • High Plains Public Radio acquired KAEZ in Amarillo, TX to bring the region its first full-time public radio station, coverage approximately 230,000 people.
  • KTOO in Juneau, AK acquired KFMG-FM and KSRJ-FM to provide two new program formats, expanding coverage by 30,000 people.
  • WXPN of Philadelphia, PA acquired 99.7 in Harrisburg to increase WXPN’s coverage to Harrisburg, and the Lancaster, Lebanon and York communities of central Pennsylvania.
  • KGNU of Boulder, CO acquired KJME-AM in Denver to expand services to approximately 2.7 million people.
  • Vermont Public Radio expanded services with multiple acquisitions and an LMA to preserve public radio service for approximately 760,000 people.
  • WBNI of Ft. Wayne, IN was acquired by Northeast Indiana Public Radio to provide its news (WBOI) and classical (WBNI) program formats on distinct channels.
  • KQED Inc. of San Francisco, CA acquired KQEI-FM (Sacramento, Calif.) to expand their news service in Sacramento.