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“Next Generation Digital Television: New Pathways to Grow Service”

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Public Media Company secures over $20M to help stations finance equipment upgrades

Antennas and ATSC 3.0 – A Key Decision



A curated collection of links, articles and commentary regarding ATSC 3.0, updated regularly. Topics include an ATSC 3.0 technology overview, timing and transition, financial implications, emergency alerting, the evolution of TV viewership, and much more. Please bookmark, and come back often!

ATSC 3.0 General Info
A short explainer video by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)

ATSC 3.0: What you need to know about the future of broadcast television, published by CNET

Public Media Company Filed ATSC 3.0 Comments
FCC Rulemaking for ATSC 3.0

Commercial Broadcasters on the ROI of ATSC 3.0
A video of a panel attended by the CEO’s of all major commercial broadcasters talking about ATSC 3.0

Technical Requirements, Costs, and Challenges & Opportunities
The PBS Engineering Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) Position Paper on ATSC 3.0

Educational Opportunities
Article by Fred Baumgartner, TV Product Manager at Nautel indicating the potential of ATSC 3.0 in education


Technology Overview

ATSC 3.0: What You Need To Know About The Future Of Broadcast Television

The New Standard Looks Like A Bigger, Badder Internet

IP Infrastructure Will Be Ready When You Are


Stations, Tech Cope With Likely Repack Delay

ATSC 3.0 Standard To Be Ready By 2017 NAB Show

Financial Implications

Ryvicker, Amy, Sook All Gung Ho For 3.0

ATSC 3.0 Seen Delivering Economic Boon

Regarding the value of spectrum:
Sprint Mortgages 2 GHz Spectrum For $35 Billion

As Wireless Industry Growth Slows, It’s Unclear Where New Revenue Will Come From

Regarding funding from repack and new business models:
Post-Auction Business Strategies Could Make Public TV Truly Independent

Emergency Alerting

Hurricane Matthew Shows Need For FCC Action On Next-Generation Television

Menu-Driven TV & TV as an App

Apps will unlock interactive features of next-gen platform:
NAB Explores ATSC 3.0 App Development

Forget Cord Cutters. It’s The Age Of Self-Bundlers

The Online Video View: We Can Count It, But Can We Count On It?

Broadcasters Begin Experiments With VR, 360

Consumer demand is driving the development of new products:
AT&T’s New Streaming TV Service Will Give You 100+ Channels For $35 A Month

Meet The Bundle 2.0: YouTube, Hulu, AT&T Get Into The Live Streaming TV Game

About the Hulu skinny bundle:
Hulu Gets Fox And Disney Networks, But Live Broadcasts Are A Challenge As World Series Shows

Sling’s AirTV Expected To Blend OTA + OTT

Layer3 TV (An IP-Delivered Premium Pay-TV Service) Conducting Pre-Launch Tests In D.C., Boston And Houston

Technology in Detail

An Insider’s Guide To The Development Of ATSC 3.0

A Ground-Level View Of IP-Based Media Transport


Path To ATSC 3.0 To Be ‘Much Quicker’ Than 1.0

ATSC 3.0 ‘Transition Scenarios’ Being Explored

Friedel, Richer On ATSC 3.0 Transition

Cable Seeks Protections In ATSC 3.0 Rollout

4K Adoption And Content Head Towards Critical Mass

Analysts Call For Change In PubTV Workforce, Culture Under ATSC 3.0 Standard

Broadcasters Release ATSC Road Map

FCC Repack Plan: Key Points

Destination Repack: Not Enough Time, Money

Ratings and Viewing Trends

‘Simultaneous Viewing’ May Be Taking Toll On TV Ratings

E-Marketer Multi-screen Usage Roundup 2016
(Referenced in ‘Simultaneous Viewing’ story, above)

Sinclair Will Use 3.0 To Provide Audience Data

TIVO: Millennials Are Major Video Consumers, But Extremely Impatient

Video: Content Vs. Distribution In Changing Media Landscape